A pulsating power sizzles just behind my head flowing in a high-pitched river reaching out in all directions.

My breath draws deep, reaching down into my groin, then rises, oozing out gently through porous fibers at the top of my head.

A swirling electricity seems to crackle all around me as I sit and open my heart to listen for whispers of my lover in the silence.

Sometimes his kisses are so soft that you must be very still to sense them.

The gentle ones go deep like a needle piercing past the heart into my soul, causing sharp stabs of ecstasy and droplet tears of joy to moisten my eyelids.

How I love my lover.

He holds me so tenderly in this quiet embrace.

I listen for his breath and hold my own as I try to hear his heartbeat.

I open my heart completely and rest.

Releasing all I am to melt, to merge, to flow completely into Him who holds the galaxies and spins the stars like tops on a cosmic table.