I sat on a rock and thunk so hard my head popped off and rolled down a mountain.

For thousands of years, or at least a couple of weeks, all I could see was a dark tunnel lined with ants smuggling picnic scraps and tiny bottles of champagne the Russians left behind after the cold war.

Until one day I decided that enough was enough and that I should take a look at what was behind me.

Thank God I learned how to wiggle my ears when I was younger because I discovered a whole new way of looking at things.  It turns out your ears can sometimes determine what you see.

Once I got turned around, I noticed the sky’s a lot bigger than most people think. And even though you can’t always see it, the sun is up there somewhere and it’s just a matter of time before you’re looking for some shade.

Sometimes, you just need to walk down the mountain and put your head back on.

At least then you’ll have more options.