He who dances with the stars

Dances also

In my heart.

He peeks his head around the corner


Pokes me in the ribs and runs away

Wildly into the shadows

Yelling, “Tag, you’re it!”

“But Lord,” I call out.

“Don’t you see that I’m crying?”

“Don’t you care that I’m feeling sad and lost and confused?”

I listen

But only the silence

Interrupted occasionally by muffled giggles

Spurting out spontaneously from the darkness.

After a moment

Or a decade or two

A soft memory warms my chest

And I suddenly remember my name.

Bursting into fits of wild laughter

I run headlong into the silence

Calling out

“I’m going to find you!”

An explosion of rollicking giggles fills every inch of the universe

Both inside and out

As I am caught up into an embrace

And whirled around the galaxies.

A million kisses warm my face

As rivers of joyful tears fill the ocean of my heart.

“It’s time to rest now,”

My lover says as he tucks me into bed.

“We will have more adventures tomorrow.”