Month: May 2014

She Needs Words

She needs words She said But what words Can capture This love I have To hold it In a box As if eternity Could be Measured By a clock Or placed Along a line To be weighed Are colors Seen Through their names Or honey Tasted By...

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You Are … A Poem For Lisa

You are … Amazing Wonderful Beautiful The Love of My Life The Woman of My Dreams My Treasure My Sweetheart My Best Friend My Heart’s Desire The Mother of My Children The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me My...

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He Who Dances With The Stars

He who dances with the stars Dances also In my heart. He peeks his head around the corner Giggling Pokes me in the ribs and runs away Wildly into the shadows Yelling, “Tag, you’re it!” “But Lord,” I call out. “Don’t you see that...

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